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Xpact Pro Impact Spray - Impact your golf game

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Accurate to the sweet spot

The basic requirement for a good ball flight is to hit the ball in the sweet spot of the club face. If the golfer hits the sweet spot when teeing off, the golf ball flies in a controlled manner and almost as if by itself. If the ball is hit just a few millimeters outside the sweet spot, the ball loses control, speed and therefore also length.

With the new impact spray “Xpact Pro”, golfers can improve their accuracy and thus their level of play in a targeted manner. Xpact Pro is sprayed onto the club face before the shot, so that after the shot it is possible to see exactly where the ball impacts on the clubface.



Evaporating impact spray

Better than impact tape or powder spray

Direct feedback

No dirt – cleaning not necessary

Can even be used in the simulator

Enough for up to 800 tee shots



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